Friday, August 26, 2011

"You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important!"

As a believer do you know your value?  Do you know it deep in your core?  I've said this before, but it was such revelation to me that I had real value that was not based on my looks, or anything I had done.  It was based on what Jesus did at the cross.  He gave me value.

Recently, I saw The Help.  I loved this scene with Mae-Mobely more than any other scene in the movie.  Abileen was imparting value to this little girl.  When I first saw this trailer, I loved it and started doing it with Katie.  As an adopted child, I figured that the more I impart to her the more solid a foundation she will have, if doubts of belonging ever hit her.

I tell her:"You are wanted.  You are a blessing.  You are loved."  She has gotten to the point that as soon as I start saying it, she does exactly like the little girl in the trailer.  She tells it right back to me.  She loves it!  When our 12 year old son was little I would tell him I was so proud of him when he had done something really good.  Later he would ask: "Mommy are you so proud of me?"  We all love being affirmed!

There was a season in my early walk with the Lord, that I had written out many verses about who I was in Christ.  Daily, I would read these verses.  I would recite these verses and after several weeks of reading and reciting, they were in my heart.  I knew I was loved. I knew I was wanted.  I knew I was bought with a price.  It was an amazing transition in my life.

I love the Word Of God, but without getting it in your being, it's really hard to know who you are in Christ.  I challenge  you to pour the Word Of God into your heart and mind and pour it into your children.  While you have children in  your home, this is an incredible opportunity to pour into them The Word Of God.

Take the verses that fit your child's needs and pour them in.  For example, if a child is struggling with learning.  You can tell them they are smart.  Why?  Because they have the mind of Christ!  Whatever the issue, you tailor fit it to your child or yourself.  God wants us to be full of His ammunition to withstand the darts of the enemy.

Philippians 3:11-13
"Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me" 

We are to press on and take hold of all that Jesus has for us.  It takes continual work.  It takes continual pressing into His Word.  I pray that as you enjoy your weekend, you are filled with the knowledge of God and that you know you are loved and have value! 

Hilltop Blessings, 

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  1. We were at the hematologist for the very first time while you were writing this!