Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Prep Can Be Messy!

Yep...right now, my kitchen is a mess, my three year old (didn't do nothing) but my toilet has overflowed not only all over the bathroom floor, but also there was a waterfall to the basement.  I have sent the children away with my mother!  I'm alone, and it's best that way! 

I needed a moment to gather my wits about myself and face the music...or smell whichever you prefer.  I'm banking on music!  This is one of those moments, that I'm reminded of another Thanksgiving Day.  It was the last Thanksgiving my Grandmother was with us.  Since she wasn't well, my mom was in charge of the day.  As she was putting the last of the veggies down the disposal, water began to bubble up and flow out of any pipe that would take it.  What a mess.  Later they discovered that there was a broken foundation pipe.  Messes happen at the worst times!  Couldn't they come on a day that I assigned?!

There are always things that are happening in our lives that would love to get our goat!  I'm choosing to remember that it's so much better to choose thankfulness in the midst of a mess.  Oh it's so hard.  I can think of things to say and do that would make you blush! 

Thankfully, God has found a way to get my attention today.  I'm going to count it all joy and move on!  I'm going to go and clean up that crazy mess!  I had to clean the bathrooms anyway! 

I pray y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  We've been reading all the little books about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower and Squanto.  We have so much more!  We can choose to be Thankful. 

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that peace is not meant to be a heavy yoke, but to refuse peace is a heavy burden!  When I choose to not be thankful, it's the same thing.  I hate a heavy burden.  So I'm going to go and lug those nasty towels to the laundry room and get the floors cleaned and rejoice that God is good, He knows my name and this is but a minor affliction!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hilltop Blessings,