Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time Flies When.....

Well it's been exactly two years since the last time I posted!  Time flies when  you are growing up four children and a husband!  I have been on a journey to peace.  Peace in my heart, peace in my home, peace no matter what the circumstances!

God the lover of my soul, who loves me even when I'm not lovable, has seen me through the dark places and the places of real joy!  In these two years, we have entered the "teen years"!  Ben is 14 and Daniel 13.  Wow, not as bad as I had heard, but definitely a challenge.  These menboys are growing, changing and EATING their way into becoming men!.  They are definitely a joy and a delight to my heart.  Jonathan 11, is ever my busy boy!  He is my wood chopper, my wood hauler and intent with tackling the "gift" of dyslexia. Then there is Katie.  Those of you who have followed me in the past, know that we adopted Katie and that she has had considerable health problems.  She is such a fighter.  This past Spring she came off the medication that was being used to help treat her Neutropenia.  She is healthy and seems to have licked this terrible blood disorder.  The Oncologists, have not released her yet, but I bet it won't be long!

I have been learning the ins and outs of Trim Healthy Mama!  I love it and have lost almost 25 pounds!  I should have lost more, but I know Rome was not built in a day!  If you have struggled with  your weight or just want to be healthy, this is an awesome plan.  My intention for returning to my blog was to journal about my menus and path to a healthy body.  I want to be able to win this fight for health in my mind, body and spirit.  I know that will honor the Lord and it will bring Him glory, because only He can do it through me!

Hilltop Blessings,


  1. Hey Girl,
    Good to see you back. I'm thinking maybe this diet might be something to try. I"m not doing so well on my own.

    1. It is such a mindset change! I'm so learning that if it's not a lifestyle change, it won't ever last. I'm just not sure how you really make it a "lifestyle". Will I someday wake up and crave almond flour muffins over good ole white flour ones? I guess the truth is in trusting God and getting the victory over the sins that have so easily entangled me! Thanks for your encouragement friend!