Friday, April 16, 2010

Do You Enjoy Crumbs or a Buffet?

Two stray little puppies have been visiting us daily for about a week. I didn't think much of it until we noticed how quickly the dog food was disappearing and the normally full bucket of water was nearly empty each day. I'm not prepared to take on two more large dogs at his time, but the way they acted made me think about a few things.

When I give my dog "buddy" a treat, he takes it off and enjoys it. When I gave the puppies a little treat, they gobbled it up and licked the porch floor! Buddy knows that there are always treats coming. The puppies were starving....they were willing to just gobble anything up.

When it comes to trusting the Lord to meet your needs and care for you are you good ole trusting Buddy or are you a stray puppy gobbling up the crumbs off the floor? Do you know our Heavenly Father desires to lavish you with His love, or do you shrink back hoping that He doesn't "get you"?

I just continue to ask myself, what do I really believe? Do I believe that God hears my voice and my prayers? Do I really believe that He has good for me? Or instead do I worry about what is going to happen? When I get an ache, do I worry that I have some dreaded disease and my children are going to end up without a mommy? When the money gets tight, do I worry that we will loose everything?

Honestly? I'm guilty.....Even though I know "most of the time" that God loves me and cares for me, I slip.... I slip into the very trap that the enemy offers me. I say offers me, because I do have to take the bait!

John 10:10
"The thief comes only to steal, and kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

! Peter 5:8-11
"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To Him be the power forever and ever. Amen"!

When I believe that God has come for me to have life, I choose not to worry. I take in deep breaths of His grace. I trust Him to care for me. I refuse to give myself over to all the worries that assault me in a given day. Isn't it awesome to think that there are other sisters out there, struggling with the same struggles you are? Sometimes, I pray for that sister. I pray that she overcomes and has victory! I want us all to be victorious together!

I want to believe in my heart, that I don't have to gobble up anything! I can savor what the Lord has for me. I don't have to live on bits and crumbs, I have the entire Word Of God! Those aren't crumbs ladies! It's meat! It's an all you can eat buffet and nobody is counting calories! We get to eat as much or as little as we choose!

Another really cool thing is we not only get to eat it, but we can share it with others who are hungry! We can give them the bread of life! We can welcome that other weary mom hope and comfort.

I pray that this weekend, we would be lined up at the Lord's table and pile our plates high with all the yummy goodies God has for us. I continually struggle with my weight. I'm praying that this truth would permeate my very being so that I would taste and see that the Lord really is good and that there is no substitute for Him!

I pray that this weekend, you would be encouraged and encourage all those around you, to get up off the floor, brush the crumbs off your clothes and enjoy the Lord's banquet. Times are hard, but God is good and He does have good for you!

Hilltop Blessings!

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